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Tomas Ruller is the most consistent action artist in the Czech Republic.

He has considered performance art a means helping him to step beyond his boundaries, to leave a zero position, a state "where we find ourselves at the end, where we do not know and we do not know how". That is the moment when creation begins, as a justification of the "natural world of personal experience", when "artifacts cease to be points in time and begin to exist as open processes". The site of the act acquires the meaning of an invitation to enter the "opening up space, not merely materially, but mentally and spiritually as well".

Tomas Ruller plays a game not only with reality, but primarily he plays the game with himself. He is in a way a basic criterion of what reality really is. The identification of reality is extremely important to him, since he is searching for what exceeds it. He investigates it and aims at becoming a medium of its transcendence. This process and its residua are identified by Ruller with the act of artistic creation.