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1989 (video)
"Big Transformation", Symposium Dialog L.A./Prague (video)
"Big Bang"
performance-installation, Orlicka Gallery, Rychnov
Aroyo Center, Los Angeles, USA (video)
"Civic Ad-Dress",
University of Tennessee Knoxville;
Loft 155 W 23, New York;
New School of Social Research, New York;
U.S.C., U.C.L.A., L.A.M.A.G. Barnsdall, L.A.
"Black Market" (Black Market), performance,
Resource Art, Muczarnok, Budapest, H (video);
City Gallery, Saarbrücken, D;
Edge 90, Newcastle/Glasgow, GB (video)
"Your Ad-Dress", Art as a Social Process - Art Creating Society, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, GB
"New Ad-Dress",
Avant-Garde-Arama, P.S.122, New York;
College of Design, Psadena, CA, USA;
Camerawork, San Francisco, CA (video);
Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, F;
Festival d'In (ter) vention, Inter-le-lieu, Québec, CDN (video)
"Workshop", L.A.Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA, USA
"Angel's Gate" (& J.Prekova), Angels Gate Center, L.A. (video)
"Exit", Dialogue Prague/L.A., Otis Parsons Gallery (video)
"New York Mandala", P.S.1 Museum, N.Y., USA (video)
"Be-Site of Big Bang, Be-Site of Day and Night, Be-Site of Light, Be-Site of Trans-Formation", Action-site, Gallery d, Prague (video)
"Under", Stalin's Underground, Prague (film)
"Jump", Studio Kontakt, Czech TV, Prague (video)
"No Action", Art of Action, Manes, Prague
"Still-Ness", TV-performance, Ways of Movement, TV Prague (video)
"Horse", performance, Europe Europe Project Delphi, DNPCED, Brno (video)
"Adairy", Available Resources, Derry, GB (video)
"Mercury & Sulphur", situ-action, Kugelbake, Cuxhaven, D (video)
"TV Ceremony", video-performance, Video Biennale, Fukui, JAP (video)
"Still-Aqua Regia", demonstration, Moltkerei, Koln, D (video)
Proof of Purity
Aqua Regia
"Still-Golden Rain", demonstration, Ludvig Forum, Aachen, D (video)
"Fest Cafe", performance, Cabinet of Muses, Brno (video)
"De-Still", demonstration, Cabinet of Muses, Brno (video)
"TV Cafe", video-performance, Cabinet of Muses, Brno (video)
"N.Y.Still", demonstration, Ronald Feldman, N.Y., USA (video)
"Old Ad-Dress", AWOW, Kalashnikov Gallery, Cleveland, USA (video)
"Floating", Factum I, National Gallery, Zbraslav (video)
"Dare To Be", Art Week, Warnborough College, Oxford, GB (video)
"Fogging the Ozon Hole", action, Anavim Ashram, Prague (video)
"Dis-Count", performance, Drug Store Gallery, Rennes, F
"Video-Performance", video-performance, FFA UT, Brno (video)
"Monumental Propaganda", video-performance, FFA UT, Brno (video)
"Bee-Site", situ-action, Grey Brick, Castle Klenová/Klatovy (video)
"Danger of Slip", Artcircolo, Castle Melnik
"Cold Fire", situ-action, Combustion, Schlossbergstollen, Graz, A
"Transit", site-media-action, Transit symposium, Hugenotten House, Kassel, D (video)
"Three in One", performance, Growth Rings, HermitSymposium, Plasy (video)
"Last Minute", performance, Last 24Hours, DNP-CED, Brno (video)
"Bauhaus Ceremony", video-performance, Ost-ranenie, Bauhaus, Dessau, D (video)
"Monitor-Ring", site-media-action, Relics and Sediments (video)
"Re-Pair", ASA art-service (& B.Nieslony), Offenes Kulturhaus, ßLinz, A
"...", opening ceremony, Alembiq Esoteric Club, Brno
"Serving", opening, Delicacy, Behemoth Gallery, Prague (video)
"Incident", media-situ-action, Incident, Bellouard/ Bolwerk, Bern, CH (video)
"Telepresence/Dis-play", mediation (& M.Clifford),
Chassie Post Gallery, Atlanta, GA (video)
Performance Festival, Cleveland, USA (video)
Code-X, Behemoth Gallery, Prague (video)
"24 Hours/In Belfast", video-action, Exchange Resources, Belfast, GB (video)
"Inner Garden", performance (& Z.Piotrowski & J.Baldyga), Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, PL (video)
"Satturday Moarning", action (& A.MacLennan & Z.Piotrowski & B.Connolly), Serpens Performance Festival, Palmovka Synagogue, Prague (video)
"After All", performance, Castle of Imagination, Bytów, PL
"Wise", iniciation (& G.Piacentini), Castle of Imagination, Bytów, PL
"Silence", presentation, Performance Art & Culture & Pedagogy Symposium, Penn State University, PA, USA
"Waiting Traveller", situation, Permanent Performance Festival, Cheb (video)
"Tish Tush/Blur", situation, Performance Festival Tel Aviv, Israel (video)
"VI DEO A RT", life, Brno
"Dean", service, FFA UT, Brno (video)
"Old-New", performance, Bone Fest.Bern, CH