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From performances, where forms are manipulated mechanically,
which as "still life" suppress the living reality, to processes
of performing as active meditation of generation, transformation
and death of forms.

From presentation as a still, to the act of giving one-self to the
open process of transforma(c)tion, where the process of
presenta(c)tion (in presence as present), situa(c)ted (in-side
of site), as media(c)tion (im-mediatelly medial), through
the activity of action inter-facing real virtuality, dis-played
as a matter of lightness.

The presentation in which the viewer moves from voyeurism to
vision-ism (from image to vision), being involved in creation
(in the sense of not consuming information, but playing
with vision).

As an attempt to save phenomena - if matter is a structured
emptiness of phenomenal (ethereal) nature, then a trust in
the essentiality of transitory forms is to be raised.

The treatment of the inner nature of being does not aim to mani-
pulate with magic forces, but to participate in the creation
of reality, with consciousness of unity, where the creator, creativity
and the created, are functions of one principle of creation.

As an act of art of being - in reality realized in deed.