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A mirror shattering
Filling the temple’s emptiness


arises from an input of energy, a charge, which then creates a force field,
which attracts (or repels) those who come along.
It is a materialization of the challenge, which leads to an overcoming of distance and entry into a new sphere,
that of the material, but also of the mental and the spiritual.
Such “site-challenge” assumes its true significance in action, in a ceremony based on events,
where gestures, relations and deeds act instead of words.
Then alone it is filled by direct participation, since it is always more an instance of partaking than imparting.


- as relating to the level “beyond the horizon”
requires an intuitive unfailing intervention:
“the right deed in the right place at the right time”
where appropriateness to situation and
effectiveness of choice means:
“to be responsible at every moment”.


as seeking a way out of delusion
regarding the meaning of reality
heads towards humanity
where inter-subjectivity
as a “ethico-esthetical phenomenon”
is the area for relation to the metaphysical.


lays the foundations of our life in the true sense,
arises in a feeling of transience,
accompanied by the adventure of transformation,
the joy of game and wonder at coincidence.
Artefacts cease to be static
and start to live in time as open processes
concerned with transitions from one into the other,
in no matter-of-factness.


builts on attention to forming the field
in inert interstice of space-between (emptiness)
and time-between (silence)
- the creation of the climate conditions the induction.


non-communicative in the linguistic sense
takes place even before the language
- is an approach to being
- is an art of attitude


In other words - without words
On-to-logical touches
It - (which changes and lasts)


dialectic concept of self-education in art
as practice of humanistic transformation
postulates values in a dialogue of co-operation:
attention – as an interdisciplinary creation principle
openness – as potential of perceiving, but also giving
concentration – as a method of both inner self-identification and outer self-discovery


defines ART through the archaic form of the verb TO BE
in the phrase THOU ART = YOU ARE
stemming from the German base AR-
early OR- of Celtic origin
- our common European tradition.


Is based on the principle of “MA” = THE BETWEEN,
the key Japanese sign essential for understanding the tension in the experience of the creative act.
It is the immeasurable essence of the interval, belonging to situation, active in action,
relevant in time-between and space-between

It is also the spiritual “topos” for subject and object in their community
- it is the structure of inter-subjectivity, which creates dialogic tension.
As an original situation for creativity, from where the energy of improvisation generates,
It is also the dynamic relation, the source of realization of the creative act itself,
from where a new being emerges.


declares (by Martin Buber):
“All true life is meeting.
Meeting does not lie in time and space,
but space and time lie in meeting.”


co-operation - the European idea
a chosen relationship beyond cultural limits
not appearing as a group, nor property
a happening condition - no scenarios, no stories
makes artists being in presence - individuals vanish in dialogue
creating focused together-ness
as analogical model of social under-standing
in principle, that everything is possible
based on paying investigative attention
is art in life


parallel cultural network & political activity